Tuesday, August 26, 2008

an update on Emmalee

Emmalee's first day back to school after vacation. (Sorry, it's a cell phone photo). She got to wear a new dress that her GreatPa and GreatMa bought for her when we visited them a week ago. She's been waiting all week to wear it! Her teachers moved her up from the younger preschool class to the Pre-Kindegarten class. She's going to begin learning phonics. Hopefully she does well with the big kids!

Click Here to watch Emmalee
singing along with her computer game.

First, the song comes on, so Emmalee says, "Take the picture."

The words:
"Wadawada Wadawada
Quack Quack Quack
Feathers on my tummy,
and feathers on my back
I'm a duck. Quack!"

Here's Emmalee on her way out to ride her bike yesterday. She's wearing a cute new hat from GreatMa and GreatPa.

"Kids say the darndest things"

It's pretty fascinating how quickly my little girl picks up new words. Yesterday after vacuuming, I went around and sprayed some disinfectant around. Emmalee asked me to spray her. I said, "Oh, no, honey, you don't want me to spray you with this stuff." She asked, "Why? Does it have chemicals in it, Mom?"

Chemicals? CHEMICALS? Cool.

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