Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More on NILMDTS...

NILMDTS mentioned in a book
Co-Founder of Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep foundation Cheryl Haggard received an email from a friend a few days ago, telling her about the book she was reading:

"I was reading last night and they talked about Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep in the book. I was so proud of you when I read it, I started to cry:) happy tears...a baby is born with hydrocephaly and is fading and they give the family a business card of one of the photographers to call and they talk about the wonderful gift of memories the organization gives. It was great. In the back of the book they give the website and encourage readers to visit it."

Pretty cool, huh?

NILMDTS in the news

July 18, 2008
A warm and touching story about the Hedges family and their NILMDTS photographer, Courtney Lambert.
WHAS 11 - Louisville Kentucky

July 18, 2008
CBS 6 features NILMDTS Certified Trainer Loy Payne and photographers Christy Goodger and Carrie LaFollette. Christy and Carrie's wonderful work with Jody Martin and her baby boy, Memphis Dane Martin.
News On 6 - Oklahoma

July 10, 2008
A very moving video featuring a Colorado military family and the loss of their daughter Aubrey while her father was in Iraq. NILMDTS was called to capture images to share with her father upon his return to the states.
CW2 - Denver

July 6, 2008
A wonderful video featuring NILMDTS photographer Aimee Bickers and her work with Morgan Lutche's twins, Brady and Tucker.
The News and Observer - The Triangle NC

July 6, 2008
A short piece done by Oklahoma City's News9 on NILMDTS
News9.com - Oklahoma City

..and finally

This photograph was taken by fellow NILMDTS Affiliated Photographer, Tommy Han, Sunday in Parker Colorado. The tornado actually touched down, but fortunately, nobody was injured. Amazing photo!

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