Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Depoe Bay Part 5: Monday at Mo's

Before heading out of town, we met the family at Mo's in the Historic Taft District of Lincoln City. We really like this area. It's so cute and 'old school' and has a neat little ice cream parlor with arcade, pool tables, etc. And it's FULL of mermaids. Emmalee liked it. Tylor and I have also stayed several nights at The Looking Glass Inn.

Depoe Bay Part 4: The Beach!

Emmalee really enjoyed having her Daddy or her Papa take her out to the water.
She wasn't interested in being in it, but as long as someone was holding her, she was having fun. She started getting sleepy up on Daddy's shoulders.

As strange as it sounds, our family has a tradition of flying kites with a fishing pole.
Watching fireworks on the beach. We mostly just spread smoke down the beach.

Depoe Bay Part 3: Bubbles and Love

My new most favorite photos of my Papa. Ever.
It's not often you'll see him withOUT some article of OSU Beaver clothing.
Papa and Lori (my sister). Emmalee hanging on her Great-Papa.

Emmalee got to open lots of presents from her Great-Pa and Great-Ma
including clothes, treats, and 4 new pairs of shoes! She was so excited!

Trying to entertain Sophie with bubbles.

Emmalee had a BLAST blowing bubbles with her Great-Papa.
He is a true child's best-friend. He knows just what they like.

I made Tylor take some photos of me and Emmers.

Playing cards with Great-Pa.

Playing cards with Aunt Rachel.

Depoe Bay Part 2: Family Time

One of the best things, in my opinion, of our time together at the beach was getting lots of time to play with baby Sophie. She is almost 5 months old, and I remember from when Emmalee was a baby, that this is one of the most fun times. (A lot of hard work, which I was also reminded of). None of us could even walk part Sophie without trying to make her smile. And she has such a pretty smile, as you can see.

Lots of Wii play over the weekend!

Our Papa (or Great-Pa) is the family champion in ping-pong. He has many years of experience.

Sunday we had a birthday party for my mom.

We also celebrated my grandparents 51st anniversary.

Our Family.