Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Our Vacation: Wildlife Safari

We spent our 12 days off from work traveling down to Southern Oregon, visiting friends and family along the way, and then up along the Oregon Coast. After enduring my ten-year high school reunion, we drove through Wildlife Safari. As spectacular as it is to be able to drive along the 4.5 mile trek to see animals from Africa, Asia and the America’s, sadly, Wildlife Safari is just not what I remember it to be. I remember going when we were kids. The unique setting offered many opportunities to get up close and personal with animals large and small. They would lick your window, and might just climb up on your car if you stop for too long. However, now there are a lot less animals and many of them are locked behind fences (defeating the purpose of getting to drive around them and take photos from your vehicle). Perhaps it seemed like a dud this time around because it cost us $40. Or perhaps it seemed like a dud this time around because we are used to going to the Oregon Zoo in Portland for free. Either way, Emmalee got to experience it, we saw some animals, took a few photos, and were on our way.

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