Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Our Vacation: Oregon Coast Aquarium

The Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport, Oregon
The Oregon Coast Aquarium is dedicated to teaching marine wildlife and ocean preservation through responsible management and exhibition of marine life. See, touch, learn, and discover at the Oregon Coast Aquarium, an adventure you’ll never forget.

Oddworld Exhibit

Where it's OK to be weird! Decorated by colorful blown glass art.

Passages of the Deep

In an underwater adventure. visitors are immersed in Keiko’s former home through acrylic tunnels surrounded by several feet of sea water. Passages of the Deep has proven to be an unique attraction. As though they were taking a walk into the open ocean, visitors are able to come face to face with large sharks, rockfish and bat rays swimming above and below. Waves surging against the tunnel gives visitors the impression they are beneath the ocean. And the Oregon shipwreck resting on the bottom increases the feeling of being early undersea explorers.

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