Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Yesterday's Training Seminar

Yesterday I attended a NILMDTS training seminar in Portland, with renowned professional photographer Kirk Kief. The first hour or two was quite emotional. Kleenex made a fortune off us! It was relieving that we could develop professionally, and still be in a safe place appropriate to be emotional. When we're on the job, we can't and we wont become emotional, but when we were surrounded by each other, and not by clients, it was okay.

First, we watched the Today show segment on NILMDTS, as the hairs all over my body stood straight up. Then, stood up a big, brawny man who incidently is the youth pastor of this church the seminar was being held in. He told us that Elle (the woman I shadowed) took portraits of his daughter not even a year ago. He fell apart, this strong, muscular man, he fell apart right in front of us as he spoke about what a blessing these photos are to him and his wife. Although their daughter didn't live longer than a day, those portraits are proof that she existed. Without the services of NILMDTS, families would go home without their baby, and memories would eventually fade. But this man can share their child with the rest of their families and friends, and generations to follow. She will always be remembered. She is a part of their family.

It's hard to imagine that i've only shadowed one session, I haven't yet done one solo. But still, this has become a mission for me, and important part of my life. I always wondered if there would ever be a charity that would really pull on the strings of my heart, and this is the one. People often say, "I don't know how you could do this", and I think to myself, "How could I not do this?". It is an honor being invited into a time when a family is in the greatest pain they will ever feel, and as a photographer, we can commemorate those memories with grace, with peace, and with love.

The Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep foundation has existed for only three years, but is now in 12 countries, with nearly 4,000 photographers worldwide. If you want to learn more, please go to http://www.nowilaymedowntosleep.org/ or email me at dididaniellephoto@comcast.net. You can see the segment profiling NILMDTS on The Today Show on YouTube: http://youtube.com/watch?v=MlKhrCORF8w

Sunday, April 27, 2008

window light

playing in Emmalee's room

My Apprentice

Saturday, April 26th

I am so lucky to have such a beautiful model to work with.
So what if I have to bribe her with candy...

Saturday, April 26, 2008

today's bath

How long has it been since I shared bath photos? Most bath photos seem so timeless.

We still visit the ducks

As a family, we would visit the ducks (and feed them - but you're not supposed to do that!) back when Emmalee was just a few months old. We still enjoy it. Especially on this warm spring day in Oregon (it reached 73!).

Ooops, busted. Yes, we still feed the ducks.

part ballerina, part computer geek

Emmalee spent nearly two hours playing computer games this morning. It was actually her first time every playing, without assitance, and actually completing the assignments and winning certificates. I watched her click on numbers and drag them to the right place, and drop it there. All the while, wearing her ballerina outfit. Ah, how precious.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Notice at the bottom of this blog there are videos. Right now they are some oldies (but goodies) of Emmalee, and one of my favorite neice, Sophie. I will change the videos every now and then, but for now just wanted to point it out...

new logo/biz cards

I spent 4 hours today preparing a huge Vistaprint order including new biz cards, magnets, client presentation folders, and lots more! (Even threw in free pens and a hat with my logo! Fun, Fun.) So I wanted to add something a little extra special to my logo because it was starting to appear a bit drab and too simple (I spend countless hours looking at other photog websites, logos, blogs, etc.). And designing my photoblog header (see above) - I was inspired! There are two problems with the new business cards that i'm already aware of, though...

1) There are no photos at all. Well, that's okay with me for now, because I really want to include a senior photo, and haven't yet done any! So once I have done some senior photos, and continue updating my portfolio, I will make a new batch of business cards that include photos. Until then, folks will just have to log on to the website.

2) The new biz cards don't specify any type of photography. My old ones mention weddings, children, etc. Well, I don't really 'specialize' in any of these areas, i'm still finding my niche. In addition, i'm open to pretty much any type of photography.

The OLD biz card:

(front) (back)

The NEW biz card:

(front) (back)

I ordered these new ones to be super premium paper, and GLOSSY! (oooooh, ahhhh.) What do you think? I ordered 250, and like to reorder all new cards every so often, so i'm open to suggestions! Leave me a comment!

Baby Scarlett

A couple of weeks ago I did my first newborn shoot. It was a free portfolio-building session, as I feel we are doing each other a favor. I love and need the practice, and i'm sure the parents are happy to have the photographs of their tiny little blessing.

Scarlett was 4 weeks old and really never fussed. Mom and Dad were real troopers too! Scarlett is the cousin of the two little boys I've been nanny-ing full-time for the last year. I'm very appreciative that they gave me the opportunity to practice!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"ahem... testing, testing...."

On this twenty-third day of April, I hereby announce the creation of the Didi Danielle Photoblog. Thanks for stopping by, let me know you were here.

We've got music too!