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{2011 Boudoir Marathon}

2011 Boudoir Marathon
June 5-6, 2011

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Back by popular demand!  Another exciting couple of days full of very sexy fun;  the makeup artist, glass of bubbly, a few pearls, music, a beautiful and private location..  it is ALL underway.

It's the perfect time and place for you to feel beautiful and empowered... and leave HIM speechless.

Same fabulous location: A gorgeous 1904 English Tudor Mansion; The Heron Haus in the hills of NW Portland.

Sure, these sessions are designed with gifts for your significant other in mind. However, do it for them, but do it for YOU too! Who doesn't want a beautiful image of themselves?

"Instead of hating our bodies, lets celebrate them."


What is Boudoir?

Boudoir is a french term that means 'bedroom'. A bedroom is typically the #1 intimate spot to take these types of images in. In this case we will be in an amazing space that includes the most gorgeous bathroom (see photo above).

What is a Boudoir Marathon?
A marathon is a day or weekend where multiple sessions are scheduled. This way we can have an awesome location, professional make-up-artist, at the most affordable price for you!

Who gets Boudoir pictures done?
Anyone! Boudoir is becoming more and more popular. Lots of women like to get them done for the men in their lives. Whether its a birthday, holiday, wedding gift, or anniversary or 'just to make you smile' gift! I strongly encourage anyone to participate in a boudoir session for themselves, as a boost of self confidence. Any size, shape, color, personality, just remember that you are fabulous!

How private will my boudoir session be?  
During the shoot it is you, me, the camera and the make-up artist. You're welcome to bring one friend, but space does not allow for more in the shooting room.

What if I am uncomfortable with my body, and do your retouch?  First of all, you are beautiful. Secondly, my job is to emphasize the positives and to minimize the areas you feel are less than perfect. When necessary, I do retouch images. Before your session, we will have a complimentary consultation where you'll tell me what areas you are more confident with and what areas you are less than comfortable with. If you have question or concerns about retouching let me know.
Do you supply clothing or what should I bring?
No, I do not supply clothing. I'm going to bring a few accessories, but the rest is on you! One thing I want to make sure people are not confused about is that this is not the 80-90's version of boudoir. This is classy, modern, sexy, fun, and beautiful boudoir. Bring 2 or 3 outfits.

Popular choices (aside from the bubbles, towels and sheets provided at the location) are:  lingerie, tight jeans, cute tee shirts, baby doll dresses, chemise, corsets, garters, thigh highs, fishnets, sports jerseys, men's dress shirts and ties, bra/panty sets, thongs/g-strings/sexy boy shorts, heels and fun jewelry.

These are just examples.. bring whatever you want to wear, but please try them on before your session. We want these images to represent YOU and whatever makes YOU comfortable. One thing I do encourage is to stay away from busy patterns. Solid colors are more flattering..but feel free to have fun with the color!
Do you do nude photography?
These Spa Boudoir sessions normally would be "implied nude" at most.. but if you are interested in being nude in your images, just let me know ahead of your session.

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52 Fridays: Humor

Yes, a cardinal sin, I know.  I did not take this weeks' 52 Fridays image in the last 7 days.  Between family life, major computer issues, 2 part-time jobs and the pig sty we call 'home', this week's image didn't make my list of priorities.

However, this is the image I knew I would use if I was unable to create something new.

While in Hawaii in 2008, I shot this image of my daughter in front of our condo at Turtle Bay Resort.  Poor thing, she had no idea.  What's worse?  I continue to humiliate her by having this image framed on my desk.