Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Our Vacation: The Beach!

Lincoln City, Oregon

There's not much I can say about this trip. We did nothing.
And it was wonderful.

Our condo is right behind her there.

Scooping her up and saving her from the waves.

She looks like she's running straight, but she was actually running sideways. Emmalee got scared and took off, losing her equilibrium and ran sideways until she fell and a wave came up over her. See Tylor laughing. She didn't find it very funny at all.


Chasing the bubbles.
Playing with playdough
She reminds me of myself here.
The way her hair got wet and curled up just like mine used to.

Those little people way out there are Emmalee and Tylor.



Tea Pot with Natasha said...

Didi, I love that picture of your daughter on top! What a talent you've got and what a pretty little girl!

Mary, Mel, & Cora said...

I got a new camera and I have NO idea how to use it. I need lessons!