Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Special Visit

We went out to dinner last night at Me Too! which is a very child-friendly restaurant/cafe, and walking distance from our house. Santa came and visited each table and talked with each child. This video is a little longer than necessary (the last 20-30 seconds are slightly useless), but it shows her reaction. At first she grabs Tylor's hands as if Santa is going to take her away, but then gives Santa a high-five and talks just a little.

After Santa made his rounds, the children took turns sitting on his lap.

(sorry for the pathetic quality, I was snapping stills with our cheapo digital camcorder)

We were pretty sure she wouldn't sit on his lap. I blame myself for this. I now feel pretty strongly that parents should not put their babies on Santa's lap until they are old enough that they want to. As an infant or toddler, they don't know the difference between Santa or the boogey-man, it seems to be traumatic enough that they become shy around Santa for years to come. That's my opinion, anyway. I wish I didn't do it when she was a two-year-old, but it sure made for a cute and funny Christmas card that year.

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