Sunday, December 14, 2008

Let It Snow! (but please, dear God, do not cancel school)

I hope everyone else is enjoying the snow as we are. We've spent the day cleaning the house, watching the snow and getting showered. Now i'm about to bring in all the stuff I bought from IKEA yesterday, eat lunch, bundle up and go outside to play. I did take a few photos this morning and I will post them soon... or later. Probably sooner than later.

We do love to see the beautiful snow but we are also worried about how our work lives will be taking a hit from school closures. It's supposed to be below 30 almost the entire week! Will the snow even melt? Will it just get icy as the week goes on? Could the schools be closed ALL WEEK?!?!?! Aaahhh!!

So anyhow, Emmalee has been delighting us lately with Christmas carols she is learning at school. On Tuesday they have their first annual Holiday Program and I will be shooting with my camera and recording video with the other! (and hopefully get a snap of her with her boyfriend, Bruno).

Here are three videos for you, from Emmalee.

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