Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our Christmas (part 2) & Em's 4th!

This past Sunday was my families' Christmas Eve, and Monday was Christmas Day.
We all got together in Corvallis. And as far as I know, we all loved it!
My neice, Sophie in her first Christmas Dress

How cute are these cousins?

Awe. Look how they are holding hands.

"Noooo, Stop looking at my baby, she's my baby, I don't wanna give you my baby!"

"Ooooh, I scored! She gave it to me!"

"I will EAT this baby, if you let me!"

My Papa, one of many OSU Beaver fans in my family.

Monday (Our "Christmas") was the 29th; Emmalee's Birthday!

4th Birthday Cake

Our pretty four-year-old

Opening Christmas presents

Sophie's new car. I think it's a Cadillac Escalade...
Yeah, she has high standards.


The Turners said...

Those dresses are absolutely gorgeous. What amazing pictures Didi, I Loved every single one of them! You are so blessed to have your family so close. I am so sad for Cora that she doesn't know her cousins. Emmalee and Sophie are gonna be best friends!

Brianna said...

Happy 4th Birthday Emmalee!!! I can't believe our babies are (going to be) 4. Where did the time go?