Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Let's Go Sledding! (6 short videos)

First, pause the playlist on the left... In the beginning, Emmalee goes down very tiny hills as she has always been a very cautious girl. Also in this video, a glimpse at the park we were at. There were probably 50 people who had the same idea as us.

In the next video, Tylor slides down the hill and Emmalee just cracks up!

Emmalee and I slide down together

In this video you see Emmalee sliding down one of the bigger hills. She starts to freak out thinking she's never going to stop sliding! Don't sue me if you die laughing.

I think I just like this video because her voice sounds so cute, "Let me go."

I slide down the big hill, spinning around and Emmalee likes it.

What a blast! Tomorrow we will be doing more sledding with the boys, and at a different park. I'm hoping to be a bystander/photographer, so perhaps you'll get some actual photos soon. Thanks for watching our videos!

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