Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Emmalee's First Holiday Program

Santa showed up right before their program and surprised everyone! While they sang, most of them were staring over at Santa. He gave all of the kids a candy cane after their performance.

Then, what we all had been waiting for... Bruno showed up. We hear a lot about Bruno at home. One day when Tylor picked Emmalee up from school, the first thing she said was, "I told Bruno I love him, and he said he loves me too! And then we kissed." Whoa! All we know is that she is very fond of him.
Bruno and his family showed up late because traffic was so awful! It took Isaac and his family 90 minutes to get from their house to the school (which is typically a 15 minute drive). Between the rush hour traffic and the ice, many families were late and arrived just in time to eat dinner and go home. We watched several cars struggle just to get up the tiny hill to the preschool. Tylor could have stood there all night to watch the cars spin their wheels and slide back down the hill.

When Emmalee spotted Bruno, she was so excited. She started rubbing his face and hair with her hands, and trying to cuddle up with him and rub her cheek on his face. Watching them together, their relationship seemed a bit too similar to Fatal Attraction.... "I will not be ignored, Bruno." He was a bit upset though, because they had missed the performance. He was supposed to be one of the reindeer.

There she is, our goofball!
The only video we got (we had some technical difficulties):

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