Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sophie's Sneak Peek

Meet my 6-month-old neice, Sophie.

This was my first "session" using my background stand, white seamless background paper, and a slab of plexiglass. I was told that it is hard to get the white to be white (it usually looks greyish), but for the most part, I did okay. One problem I ran into; my green couch was too close to the background stand, and left a green/cyan colored cast on the left side of nearly all of the photos. Sophie was a trooper, but due to some technical errors on my part (too slow of shutter speeds), I wish I had done a better job. Lucky for me, I think I have Sophie at my beck and call, so I can keep practicing. Happier with Mommy.

Emmalee peeking in on the shoot.
We got a few shots of the cousins together,
so stay tuned for an upcoming peek of the girls.

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