Sunday, July 6, 2008

Our Fourth

It was a great day. It was just so nice to be out of the house, not faced with the daily chores and the never-ending to do list. Even nicer to be with family! I hadn't seen my sister-in-law Rachel for nearly 6 weeks, and Emmalee was also happy to spend time with her Aunt Rachel. As you can see, they had a lot of fun watching fireworks together.
The expressions are priceless, right?

Silly Aunt RachelMy parents' first strawberry! Isn't it cute? We hope there's more to come.


My brother Stephen ("Uncle")

Watching the snakes grow. Though we all thought they looked more like poo.

It was a day filled with family, fun, fireworks and my mom's jell-whoa shots. Eek! Thanks to those jello shots, the 4th was fun, the 5th was rough. I 'pre-programmed' Emmalee to stay up late so she could watch the fireworks, so she had no problem being up until 10 or 11, but I, on the other hand, passed out before her. Ooops. Blame it on the jello.

Thanks for looking.
Hope your fourth was fun too.

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Deb/Mom/Nana said...

You may not remember... but it was fun! :o)

BTW, love the Frogger game on your Blog. I'm hooked! LOL