Tuesday, October 18, 2011

sneak peek | the joys of boys

I LOVE these boys.  They are amazing.  They're parents are double (oops, TRIPLE) amazing! Sometimes I try to imagine what it was like for them to discover they were going to be parents of triplets (and boys nonetheless!).  I wonder how long it took for the immediate fear to evolve into excitement.  I wonder how long these parents had to wait for a full-night of sleep again.  I wonder what it must feel like for their parents to have three beautiful faces to wash, six dirty hands to clean, three boys to kiss good-night, or to have six arms wrapped around them in love.  Must be an incredibly unique and rewarding feeling... perhaps with just a touch of exhaustion.  ;-)

There's three to wash, three to dry;
There's three who argue, three who cry....
There's three to kiss, three to hug;
And best of all, there's three to love!

Author Unknown

Looking forward to more fun and silly play-dates with Elijah, Noah and Jonah... 
and that crazy Emmalee!

Many thanks to the incredible G Family.


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