Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Graduating Senior Sneak Peek

When someone feels uncomfortable in front of a camera, it is quite difficult to change that.  Trust me, I understand the feeling, it's usually the uncomfortable ones who choose a career of being behind a camera.   ;-)  But given that Alyssa really had to step out of her comfort zone with me, I think she gave it her all.  Her Aunt Jen tells me she might have even enjoyed it a little.  :-)

Alyssa and her Aunt took me to Cook Park in Tigard, Oregon for my first time.  It's a huge 79-acre park, right along the Tualatin River.  I really liked it, i'm glad they took me there, and I will definitely have to come back for the Festival of Balloons.  How lucky are they that they live right next door and get to watch the hot air balloons from home every year!?


Alyssa and Jennifer,
Much Love and Appreciation,

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