Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sneak Peek: Baby Ann

I had the pleasure of meeting Baby Ann Elizabeth and her parents over the weekend when Baby Ann was only four days old.  I cannot decide who is luckier; the parents or the baby.  What an amazing family, they are all lucky to have each other in their lives, and I was ecstatic to be invited into their home to (as I say) 'destroy your house and piss off your baby', but they were all such troopers!  This is the happiest (and hungriest) baby I've probably ever worked with... We saw lots of smiles.  :-)  It was a beautiful Saturday and I think we captured the most precious images and most genuine, beautiful family portrait.  Enjoy!

a personal favorite:

My new favorite family portrait...


This giant Pooh bear was given to Baby Ann's Daddy when he was born:

I know you want to squeeze those cheeks!

This little piggy...

She is a treasure, and it was my pleasure.
Thanks to the amazing new Mommy and Daddy!

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Anonymous said...

Love your pictures. How nicely done. Great job. They look great. Good models.