Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Emmalee's first day of swim lessons - part uno

Emmalee and Isaac really like Sebastian, their swim teacher. They love that the crab in Little Mermaid is named Sebastian. Maybe Sebastian, the swim teacher is the Little Merman? Anyway, he is really good, I can't believe what he gets them to do. Emmalee would never, EVER do these things with us. She clings to us with her nails, like a cat climbing a tree. We have swim lessons after school every Tuesday and Thursday for the next 7 or 8 weeks. (Sorry, about the blur, I had the wrong settings on the camera).

Makin' Like Charlie Brown

We met their preschool, Blue Skies & Butterflies at the pumpkin patch this morning.


Emmalee's first day of swim lessons - part dos

Isaac takes violin lessons

Emmalee's little friend, Isaac, is three. We'll be taking him to his lessons for the next 2 weeks. It might seem ridiculous for a 3 year old to take violin lessons, but he sure does look cute. He is currently mastering how to hold the bow correctly.

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