Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Mother's Day

This year we spent Mothers Day with Tylor's mom, Margaret. We got to spend time with Grandpa Tim, and the new puppy, Bob. Also, 'Uncle Jesse' came over as did 'Uncle Nathan', 'Aunt Bethany' and 'Cousin Aiden'. It is so fun to get Emmalee and Aident together these days because they are no longer shy with each other. Emmalee treats him like she does her other friends; bosses him around! I don't think she's going to be a follower, she's definitely a leader. She wants to be in charge and she wants to have fun! She is also so impressed that Cousin Aiden can talk now! Well he's only 6 months younger but up until recently they were just little babies or toddlers and didn't talk much to each other.

Emmalee and Tylor gave me too many boxes of See's Chocolates (truffles and dark chocolate, all my favorites). We also played a lot of Wii at Grandma's house (which we all love)! Grandma and Grandpa Tim recently bought a Wii - aren't they totally hip?! It was a great day, although it would have been better if we'd seen 'Papa and Nana'. But we will see them on Memorial Day weekend for a birthday trip to the beach! We're staying in a great beach-front house for my mom's 50th birthday!
Here are some photos from our day:

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Anonymous said...

Both are living dolls !! Glad your Mothers Day was good.. Love Uncle Lance