Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Depoe Bay Part 5: Monday at Mo's

Before heading out of town, we met the family at Mo's in the Historic Taft District of Lincoln City. We really like this area. It's so cute and 'old school' and has a neat little ice cream parlor with arcade, pool tables, etc. And it's FULL of mermaids. Emmalee liked it. Tylor and I have also stayed several nights at The Looking Glass Inn.


Dee said...

Loved the photos! That sounds like such a great family get away!
Call me crazy, but I LOVE the ideas of flying kites with fishing
rods! It seems like it would be easier to get them off the ground
that way!

Anonymous said...

Awww, your pictures are beautiful. You actually, don't need words at all... You're so talented, Didi!
But ok, I have to ask...a new baby on the way? Are you referring to baby Sophie or erm, are you telling us that Emmers is going to be a big sister ;)


P.S. Anja has that same look when she's up on our shoulders too, hehe.