Monday, October 4, 2010

Sneak Peek: Sisters; Josephine and Scarlett

This is Scarlett.  I first photographed her when she was 4 weeks old.  Now she's almost 3 years old and has a newborn sister of her own, Josephine.  Her parents were gifted with a session (what an amazing gift)!  To be quite honest, it wasn't the easiest session.  When you combine an active toddler with limited time and a newborn that's not feeling quite well, you get plenty of cranky faces.  But as a mother, I know I adore even those 'pissy' looks your newborn can give.  It's like I told the girls' parents; every session is different, and we just roll with it!  So, here you have it!  :-) 

 Josie's happy face!

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