Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Emmalee's Fifth Birthday

Emmalee, this morning. A 5-year-old!
It was very very early this morning, 5 years ago, that myself and my family were blessed with a little girl that would change our lives.

Emmalee remains the loudest kid in the room, the loudest kid in the class, the loudest kid in the house. She's just full of energy, excitment, laughter and a TON of smiles and silliness.

In the last 5 weeks Emmalee has learned the words to every single Christmas song. And she enjoys singing them, along with other songs. She loves music.
She still LOVES to eat. Not any different from when she was 1 month old.

Emmalee has learned to read. If you need help spelling any 3-letter word, she's your girl! She has come super close to learning to swim on her own, which is a skill she'll continue to practice (something Santa encouraged her to do in his letter to her).

Emmalee has made it obvious she is, and will always be, a leader. Although she can be compliant and cooperative, and is pretty good at appeasing, she prefers to sit in the drivers seat. :-)

In the first 5 years of her life, Emmalee (and her parents) have had the blessing of several memorable trips to the beach, but vacationing in Hawaii and Disneyland are two trips that we will especially never forget.

In the first 5 years of her life, Emmalee (and her parents) have had the blessing of receiving 3 cousins. When she was 6 months old Aiden was born. 2 years ago we welcomed Sophie into the world, and just 3 months ago we now have little Addie in our lives. In my opinion, cousins are what really makes a holiday!

One of the most heartwarming parts of being Emmalee's mother, is watching her relationships with each family member develop, and blossom. She really loves everyone in her family and how they feel for her is equally obvious.

The only other comment I can make in regards to watching this little girl grow over the last 5 years is that SHE has taken care of ME.

This morning, I decided to read the birth story I wrote almost 5 years ago. Here are a few excerpts..

Emmalee was on my chest for the first 15 minutes of her life. I talked to her as my family stood around us and gazed upon her. Then I passed her on to the nurse to be examined and weighed, which was all done in front of us and our family.

We all waited in anticipation to find out how much this new life weighed on the scale. I was shocked to see she came in under 7 pounds. She was a very perfect and beautiful 6 pounds, 15.4 ounces. Afterward she was quickly passed around so every family member could hold her. We couldn't believe how wide-eyed and alert she was.

One thing I'll always try to remind myself, was the moment Emmalee was first laid on my chest, at 2:47am, I heard Tylor whisper in my ear, "Oh my God, you're amazing. I love you."

Here are 20 random images I wanted to share in celebration of Emmalee first five years:

10 days old

First Easter

5 months old - Mom's first Mother's Day

7 months old

Daddys' Girl

First Steps - 11 months old

First Snow Day

Quacking with the ducks

Valentine's Day - 1 year old

First pigtails

First trip to the Zoo - 2 years old

3 years old

First day of preschool - 3 years old

3 years old



4 years old
On Mom's 29th Birthday - 4 years old


FruitFly said...

That's such a sweet blog! She's such a lucky little girl to have a loving family and so many great pictures to help remember all those special times!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Emmalee! What a sweet post! I loved looking through the pictures. And, congrats on the first 5 years!

Tea Pot with Natasha said...

This is beautiful, amazing, and inspiring Didi!

Carol Battle - Sacramento, CA said...

Happy 5th Birthday Emmalee! Hope you had a FABULOUS day!!