Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Emmalee's Last Swim Lesson

Emmalee has been taking swim lessons through Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation for over a year now. She has grown enormously since the beginning when she had a strong fear of water. That fear must be in her genes because both her mommy and her daddy would cling to the pool wall and scream when they had swim lessons as a kid. She is much more comfortable in the water now and can almost swim by herself. We are going to take the summer off from swim lessons, but she will be going to a week-long summer camp in July where they get to go swimming every day! We are all excited for that!

Floating on her back
Time for the waterslide!

Getting her report card

Isaac and Emmalee - BFF's (whether they like it or not)

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Ronda Rae said...

Congrats to the little one!!
fyi - I have NEVER passed a swimming class in my life. So kudos to her - I'm jealous!