Thursday, April 24, 2008

new logo/biz cards

I spent 4 hours today preparing a huge Vistaprint order including new biz cards, magnets, client presentation folders, and lots more! (Even threw in free pens and a hat with my logo! Fun, Fun.) So I wanted to add something a little extra special to my logo because it was starting to appear a bit drab and too simple (I spend countless hours looking at other photog websites, logos, blogs, etc.). And designing my photoblog header (see above) - I was inspired! There are two problems with the new business cards that i'm already aware of, though...

1) There are no photos at all. Well, that's okay with me for now, because I really want to include a senior photo, and haven't yet done any! So once I have done some senior photos, and continue updating my portfolio, I will make a new batch of business cards that include photos. Until then, folks will just have to log on to the website.

2) The new biz cards don't specify any type of photography. My old ones mention weddings, children, etc. Well, I don't really 'specialize' in any of these areas, i'm still finding my niche. In addition, i'm open to pretty much any type of photography.

The OLD biz card:

(front) (back)

The NEW biz card:

(front) (back)

I ordered these new ones to be super premium paper, and GLOSSY! (oooooh, ahhhh.) What do you think? I ordered 250, and like to reorder all new cards every so often, so i'm open to suggestions! Leave me a comment!


Deb said...

Love the new biz card!

heatherleggettphotography said...

Ohhh, ahhhh, beautiful!! Love the new "bling" you added to your cards! They are going to look gorgeous printed all glossy! Congrats on the new blog! I added you to my blogroll!!